We offer a start-to-finish learning pathway to your child’s exam

What makes us different?

We teach first.
Test second.

Building the necessary skills and confidence before giving practice questions

We make learning fun.

Learning games and prize incentives make children happy to learn

We keep parents in the loop.

Our Parent Portal provides results and clear action points in a digestible format

We give access to Expert Educators.

Our live Zoom Masterclasses and One-to-One video calls provide guidance and school-specific tips to help students stay on track

Isabelle is an expert with over 10 years’ experience helping students gain entry to the best selective schools in the country.

Find out how she can tailor a plan for you.

Simple yet effective

We take care of every step of your child’s learning journey, offering…

Personalised Video Lessons

Bitesize lessons that adapt to your child’s level

Live Masterclasses

School-specific exam tips and interview techniques

Personalised Exam Questions

Our practice questions evolve with your child’s ability

Expert Educator Check-Ins

Regular parent calls help ensure everything is on track

Downloadable Worksheets

Research shows on-paper learning is still key

Motivating Extras

Live gaming and prize incentives keep children engaged

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