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What is the difference between the Standard and Premium subscriptions?

The Premium subscription provides added extras to our Standard learning plan, like One-to-One Video Calls and unlimited access to our Live Masterclasses on Zoom.

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What are the One-to-One Video Calls for?

These half-hour video calls are a chance for students to be supported in their learning with one of our Expert Educators: experienced private tutors, teachers and academics with a proven track record of helping students gain admission. They might give help with particular kinds of content or question types or show students how they can use their Paideia platform to its full potential. We recommend two one-to-ones per month to ensure your child gets the most out of their personalised course. Premium subscribers have two one-to-ones per month as part of their monthly subscription fee.

How much do One-to-One Video Calls cost?

All Premium subscribers receive twice-monthly one-to-ones inclusive of their subscription. For Standard subscribers and for those Premium subscribers looking for extra support, they cost £35 each. Each one-to-one lasts 30 minutes and is conducted over Zoom.

See full details of our Standard and Premium subscriptions

How can I book private lessons with Isabelle?

Isabelle maintains a small group of private clients, which is just one way in which she stays in touch with the needs of students and parents. Due to the demand for her teaching and education consultancy, Isabelle has a long waiting-list for her time and is unable to take on any more private clients at the moment. If you would like to register your interest long term, however, please email with the subject ‘Isabelle Private Client Inquiry’.

Does my child need to have prior experience in entrance exam preparation in order to use the Paideia platform?

No. While the Paideia platform can supplement prior and ongoing exam preparation from a school or private tutor, these are not necessary to use our platform to its fullest potential. All personalised Paideia courses can build up the skills required for the school entrance process from scratch. Our learning-led approach to this preparation means that your child will learn skills that, while required for the entrance exam, are not solely applicable to the exam, but to their learning more widely.

What age range is the Paideia platform suitable for?

It is currently focused on the needs of those preparing for the 11+ exams. We recommend that students should typically start preparing for their entrance exams at around 9 years old. However, students both older and younger are also encouraged to use our platform; a bright 8+ student could use Paideia to help them prepare for their exams, while the platform also offers material hard enough for those sitting a 12+ exam. Paideia is committed to offering the widest range of content to help specific age groups and will be expanding to further age groups over the coming months.

How often should my child use the Paideia platform?

Preparation for any admissions process is a marathon not a sprint; and skills are most effectively developed gradually. We recommend that your child starts their personalised Paideia course 18-24 months before they sit their exam and that they complete one or two 15-minute tasks (lessons, worksheets or assessments) per day. This may not be possible everyday, but if you manage five days a week then you are making good progress.

In order to improve their skills consistently, your child should rotate their subjects regularly. For example, to do one Non-Verbal Reasoning and one English task on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and one Verbal Reasoning and one Maths task on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Students who do have such experience will also benefit from the unique expertise available on the platform, whether it be through their personalised course, One-to-One Video Calls, Live Zoom Masterclasses or other exam preparation materials. There is material suitable for the most novice and the most advanced students, as well as everyone in-between.

What is the format of the Paideia platform?

The Paideia platform includes on-demand digital video lessons, customised worksheets that can be viewed online or printed, practice exam questions that adapt to the child’s ability and Live Zoom Masterclasses with our Expert Educators that take place over Zoom.

Who created the Paideia platform?

Paideia was founded in 2020 by elite private tutor and educational consultant Isabelle Waring. After a decade of success in placing her students in the best academically-selective schools the UK has to offer, Isabelle decided to create the Paideia platform as a way of sharing her expertise with a wider audience.

How do you use client’s data?

Paideia and our Expert Educators do not sell or share any of your personal data with any third-party organisation. Your data is used solely for the purpose of improving your child’s learning through providing them with the most personalised lessons possible.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel a subscription for whatever reason, you can do this quickly and easily from your account page. Please note that subscriptions must be cancelled at least seven days before the next billing date to avoid payment for the subsequent billing period.

To help us improve our website, we would appreciate any feedback. Please email with the subject line ‘Subscription Cancellation’ to explain why you cancelled your subscription.

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