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Paideia offers a revolutionary approach to the entrance process for independent and grammar schools in the UK.


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Please find below our 11+ Summer Program,
led by Isabelle live throughout the summer holidays

Parent Reviews

Lia, London
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"Isabelle has an incredible knowledge of the exam process and each school's unique requirements. She can really tailor the material based on the child's weaknesses and the schools they're aiming for. She is fantastic at giving structure to children's work and in helping them develop consistency in their approach. She was key in both of my boys' success in their admissions journey."
Anna, London
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"Isabelle worked magic on my son. She is clear and engaging, and her industry knowledge is unparalleled. We had a carousel of tutors before Isabelle but once we met her we knew that we needed nobody else. The materials she produces are targeted, relevant and they work. My son went from a struggling 9-year-old to a confident and successful 11-year-old. She was there for us at every step and we could not have done this without her."
Bodil, London
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"Isabelle is the best tutor I have ever met. She made my daughter so confident and I cannot recommend her enough. She manages to be both lovely and efficient. She has enormous knowledge about all the schools as well as what to expect from the process. I am not easy to please, but she took my daughter up 30% in maths. More importantly, though, she has made her focused; she is a different student."
Jessica, London
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"Isabelle is a meticulous teacher and has guided my boys through the minefield of 13+ prep. What is so important is her intimate knowledge of the exams and her understanding of the need to prep for the tests while never sacrificing children’s education and growth. The idea that she has been able to translate her skills into a digital format is beyond amazing!"

Adaptive Digital Lessons

Each of our Paideia courses – organised by subject – contain over 300 adaptive digital lessons. Developed following extensive academic research into maximising learning potential, each lesson is written by our leading Industry Experts and delivered in an on-demand video format. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s specific needs using our bespoke platform: Paideia analyses your child’s strengths and weaknesses and gives them customised content to teach them the fundamental skills they require to succeed. 

Expert Guidance

Our team of leading Industry Experts blends our unique technology with human intelligence to provide curated support and guidance for each of our students. Premium members receive twice monthly Check-Ins with an Industry Expert to manage their progress, while standard members can add on Check-Ins when they feel they need extra support.

Personalised Exam Practice

Every child is different and so each deserves an individualised approach to exam practice. Our practice exam questions adapt to your child’s ability and perfectly complement the rest of the Paideia platform, creating a complete solution to your admissions process. Our exam questions are a highly accurate reflection of those on the real school entrance exams, much more so than other leading exam preparation websites.

Parent Portal

We know how important it is for you to be able to monitor your child’s learning progress. That’s why Paideia’s online platform has a Parent Portal to track student performance over time, facilitate Check-Ins with Paideia’s Industry Experts, provide a resource library for all of your burning questions about the school entrance process and make inquiries to our team.

Live Masterclass Calendar

In addition to your child’s fully-personalised learning journey on our platform, access to the Paideia Industry Experts and our bespoke learning materials, as a Paideia subscriber you will have exclusive access to our live Masterclasses with Isabelle and her team of Industry Experts.
Classes are held on Zoom and are only available to Paideia subscribers. See below our Masterclass Live Calendar for more information. There are weekly classes in all subject areas as well as much more.

Meet our Founder, Isabelle

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